July 23rd, 2010

Once you begin using your Royal Blizzard, Tornado or Cushion, you will notice that the HUD is one of the best in SL. It offers color graphics and an explanation of each button. The hud is your key to aquiring a menu to either operate, colorize or accessorize your product.  The penis is capable of several positions, ejaculations and even being locked into place. Many satisfied customers have had a great sexual experience due to the detail of both the penis and HUD.  This is a product of the best quality SL can offer. 

Feature included with the Blizzard and Tornado:

Realistic texture : The Royal Penis has tattoos so that you can personalize your penis. You can switch tats  and even  buy more tats at stores that sell Royal accessories. The testacles of this amaing penis  even have ridges.

Amazing sculpted shape: shaped like a real penis, when flaccid or erect..

Six positions:  flaccid to erect, with six control animations.
Realistic urinating and ejaculation animations
Invisible mode

HUD with menu control for easy operation.

Shade editor for custom shading. Many shading settings to match your AV.

Fifty emotes of sound and animation.

Resize controller with settings from 1 – 10.

The Royal Browser :  for  locating Hot Spots 
Buttons Include:

HOT: To connect and find SL Hot Spots

Sound : you can switch the sound on or off

TAR: allows you to control your partner.

X-Tar : allows you to release your partner

Emote: allows emoting your avatar with sounds and actions

Lock: This feature is for when you want to control your partner ( or target). You can click the penis itself and ask permision to do so.  When it is locked no one else can click  and ask for permision to control.

The Blizzard and Tornado also have four buttons on the HUD for extra control:

You can :
Set to Auto for performance ejaculation.
And even Stroke it yourself!

The blizzard comes with  a 3 pack of tats, and 6 partner control animations.
The tornado comes with a 15 pack of tats, and 12 partner control animations and piercing.
Your buttons on the HUD will turn green when in use and red when not in use.

The large round button at the bottom with the Royal symbol hides the HUD.

There is also a settings display showing where your settings are set. They include skin color, shade and size settings that you currently have your Royal penis set at.

Erotica: Poems for the low-minded

May 27th, 2010


I walked seductively up to you

You eyed me up and down

The dance begins


We kiss, neck and suck forever

Rub grind and suck wherever

Enjoy our grins


Undressed, naked and horny

We are aligned and happily confined

My mind spins


As did the ideas that lead us here

For the room with no bed is here

And everyone wins


Even god,

For we were in the confessional

And you didn’t act professional

Oops, more sins!


See you next week father!


Live Events

May 26th, 2010

There will be a live Event on Friday June 4th at 8PM Featuring the lovely Melodee McDonnell to perform.